What is self Love?

For me self-love feels like a big hug around me saying, “I love you just the way you are today, not who you want to be next year or in 2 months.  

If you don’t work at loving yourself, you start to hate yourself. You forget that you even exist and you just don't do anything to bring yourself forward.

What do you do to nurture yourself and what is getting in YOUR way?

Author Demme Matheos found her best friend at age 50. In this book Demme shares a shortcut to finding YOU. She teaches you how to get out of your own way, to love yourself and how to keep from over complicating things. Her motto is: Just start now. Where you are at this moment. Stay consistent even when things go crazy. Know that you are not alone because you have you! That way, you’ll never be alone. 

Go have fun!  Go for your dreams and get rid of things that don’t serve you.

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