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I am glad you came to this page...You have made it!! Super excited to share everything I have learned in my 50 plus years in this crazy roller coastercalled life!!  I am a work in progress. Each year I pick a goal that I want to reach and go for it!! I would love to hear what yours are...

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My First Book 2018

For years, I have struggled with Yo-Yo diets. I lost a load of weight and it always creeped back up on me. What I have learned the past 9 years is that it must become a lifestlye. My books share many tips on how to let go of anger, grief and minimaize stressors in your life. I give you tools to coach yourself and start with the one thing that will help you get where you want to be. 

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  Sahar H Demme is an amazing woman who inspires me with her willpower and self-discipline. I followed her progress. I recommend that you do the same to get her energy and her proven steps and advise to wellness and health.


Janet L  Demme has taught me me many things and continues to guide me with her coaching and wisdom and knowledge in my weight loss journey and private life . She is a true inspiration to all that knows her. Getting to purchase her book soon and see what other things I can learn from her to apply to my daily life. Don’t give up on me Demme . I am a hard nut to crack .. lol . She is my true inspiration! 

 Melissa S Demme has helped me to start making small changes in my daily life . she has made it easy to follow and has also insipired me to begin cooking for myself i recommend her to anyone that would want to get healthy. 

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